Heart Of A Blonde Reviews What to Look For in Great Bottled Water

What to Look For in Great Bottled Water

With bottled water’s drink cool steady rise in popularity, we have seen an increased number of people shopping for spring-based filtered water that tastes better than tap water and can help us lose weight. However, with so many choices available, it can be difficult to find the right one. There are dozens of brands and thousands of different kinds of bottled water, all claiming health benefits, weight loss benefits, or other special features. What should we look for in a great bottle? To answer that question, we asked some experts what they would suggest for the consumer looking for the perfect water for weight loss.

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“alkaline” vs “acidic” – Although there is a slight difference between terms such as “alkaline” and “acidic”, they actually mean the same thing. Spring water naturally has higher alkalinity than other bottled water because of naturally occurring limestone in the ground. This makes the water taste better, but does not necessarily contribute to any extra benefits. Alkaline bottled water tends to be more expensive, but well worth the cost when it comes to losing weight or just having a great tasting water.

“High-quality” vs “eless” – Our final suggestion for choosing a quality bottle of bottled water is one of personal preference. Each person has their own standards for what constitutes “high-quality” and “ordinary”. Some people may be turned off by the idea of drinking water treated with reverse osmosis or other expensive methods of filtration, but others will enjoy the taste. Our advice is to find what meets your personal standards.

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