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Types of Glass Treatment

Glass treatment is a process of adding layers, colors and designs to a piece of glass after it’s been made. These designs can vary from simple privacy glass to elaborately patterned doorglass that brings style and privacy to your front entryway. There are four main types of glass treatments.

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Silkscreened glass treatment use the screen printing process to create patterns and colors in varying levels of opacity. They can be used on fully frosted glass or on decorative window films that obscure your entryway but still allow for natural light to pass through.

Sandblasted glass is treated by a machine that blasts sand onto the surface of the glass to create patterns and etches in details. The machines can create different levels of opacity and design and can add color to the glass.

Ceramic glass coatings provide a clear protective coat that reduces overall cleaning time and frequency, protects against water spots, soap scum and oil-based contaminants. These products are more effective than traditional cleaners because they prevent dirt particles from falling into microscopic pores in the glass and causing grime build up. Ceramic coatings are also tough and resist the chemical resistance of harsh detergents and shampoos, reducing the amount of cleaning chemicals that are washed down the drain and into streams, rivers and oceans.


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