Heart Of A Blonde Blog Sean Carr Lining Offers a Variety of High-Quality Bund Lining Systems

Sean Carr Lining Offers a Variety of High-Quality Bund Lining Systems

highquality bund lining systems

The correct assessment, installation and maintenance of bunds and their lining systems are key to meeting environmental regulations governing liquid storage and containment. If a bund is not correctly lined or maintained it can fail and potentially lead to environmental pollution. Sean Carr Lining can offer a variety of high-quality bund lining systems suitable for different chemicals, environments and structures.

The choice of the best lining system depends on many factors such as:

Is the bund for use by pedestrians and vehicles? If so a slip resistant finish may be required. The condition of the bund – previous contamination, cracking or movement needs to be addressed in order to ensure fluid tightness is maintained.

Guardians of Containment: Exploring the Features of High-Quality Bund Lining Systems

Generally speaking concrete or brick bund walls tend to have low chemical resistance and are easily damaged. Resin lining systems are ideal for repairing existing bunds and they can also be poured onto new-build premises to protect the tank base, fuel dispensers and other structural elements.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) bund lining is an excellent solution for most contexts. It is a durable lining that requires minimal maintenance for more than 20 years. GRP liners are noncorrosive and can withstand all sorts of chemicals from oils and diesel through to nitric and sulphuric acids.

Polyurethane and Polyurea bund lining systems are good for a range of applications with a wider spectrum of chemical resistance than fibreglass linings. They are typically spray applied which allows for larger areas to be coated quickly and more complex substrates to be utilised.

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