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The Thai video gaming market is growing quickly. During the pandemic in 2021 it generated USD 692 million in revenue for developers (Statista). Newzoo’s analysis puts the market at 19th in the world and notes that gamers have been increasing their time spent playing.Go here :เล่นเลยที่ www.UFABET

Gamers in Thailand have a positive view of games and are willing to spend money on them. They enjoy free-to-play games where they can earn virtual currency and in-game items to enhance their gameplay. They also appreciate the opportunity to create their own experiences in simulation games, and they are drawn to role-playing and action games for the thrills and challenges that they present.

Thai Gaming Innovations: Trailblazing Technologies in Play

Most Thai gamers prefer to play on a smartphone rather than a PC or console. The popularity of smartphones has attracted the attention of large game developers. As a result, the majority of games now feature mobile compatibility. Popular smartphone online games in Thailand include Garena RoV, Garena Free Fire, PUBG mobile and Roblox.

Before releasing a game in Thailand, game developers must understand the country’s cultural nuances. For example, a German developer once released Tropiko 5 but was forced to pull the title after government censors viewed its depiction of a dictator capturing a tropical island as a reference to the country’s political situation. They also need to know that 71% of women play games to relieve stress and that 31% of consumers aged 25-34 idolise gaming influencers.

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