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Industrial Heating Elements

Industrial Heating Elements | Heating elements are one of the fundamental building blocks of industrial equipment. Industrial heaters are used for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, scientific laboratories, food processing, chemical engineering, metallurgy, power generation and many other industries. These units generate heat either through convection or radiation. They are also sometimes referred to as furnace elements, furnace starters, boiler elements, electric furnace elements, or hot air furnace elements.

Industrial Heating Elements

The three basic types of industrial heating elements include: conductive metals, combined heat and thermal oxidizers, and convective heat and glow (CHGB) elements. Convection heat pumps are popularly used in convection ovens and conveyor belts. On the other hand, while metal heat exchangers and industrial blowers are used in the manufacturing process of gases, lubricants, and other fluids, heat generating towers are mainly used for heating electrical components. The right industrial heating element depends upon the type of manufacturing process involved. For instance, a convective heat generating tower is a good choice for a lubrication process because it allows heat to travel through the tower for a longer time.

Today, there are many online shops selling industrial heating elements at affordable prices. You can even customize your own element to match your specific needs for any manufacturing process. You can purchase an element based on the amount of heat that is needed for your particular process. In addition to purchasing these elements online, you can also get them from leading manufacturers like Minka Aire and Kabush sta.k.a. Both these manufacturers are known for providing high quality industrial heating elements at affordable prices.

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