What is igcse centre ? An IGCSE is the international equivalent of the UK’s GCSE. This exam is typically taken by students from around the world, and it prepares students for advanced level exams like the International Baccalaureate and A-Level. However, not all schools offer IGCSE. The best place to get started is by doing some research. The best way to decide whether IGCSE is right for you is to see how your peers performed and what other students thought of it.

Is it Right For You?

IGCSE is an excellent choice for students who like to be in control of their own learning process. While IGCSE exams are designed to allow you to choose your own learning experience, students are generally expected to handle most of the decisions and mistakes on their own. Teachers are not usually as helpful in teaching students as they are with their own exams, so you’ll be expected to take full responsibility for your own learning. This means that IGCSE isn’t for everyone.

While the IGCSE exam is not for everyone, many homeschoolers and adult students have embraced it. The exam is a good way for alternatively-educated students to continue their education advancement. Some homeschooling educators even prefer it to the standard high school curriculum in the US. In some cases, the IGCSE examination is a full year ahead of the American high school course. You can find out if IGCSE is the right choice for you by reading the following information.

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