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How to Choose a Medical Billing Company Near Me

The best medical billing company near me will take care of the complexities of coding and filing claims in the proper channels for payers. They will also deal with denied claims and manage patient statements, allowing staff to concentrate on servicing patients and growing the practice. They’ll also keep up with changing laws and codes. In addition, the most reputable RCM companies will also provide consulting services that can help improve operations and cut costs by reducing employee salaries, vacation pay, sick days and insurance premiums.

What is the responsibility of a AR caller?

A good medical billing company will have a very low denial rate. They will use advanced claim-scrubbing software to reduce the number of rejected or denied claims submitted. This is especially important because a higher denial rate can result in a slower reimbursement and fewer dollars for your practice.

You should also look for a medical billing company that has a first-pass claims acceptance rate of at least 95%. This is a measure of how many claims are accepted by insurers on the first attempt, which is an indication of how efficient a company’s process is. The best medical billing companies will be able to achieve this rate consistently for you.

Finally, you should also check whether a billing service offers integrated or standalone EMR/PM solutions. Most of the top medical billing companies will offer both, but it’s important to note that some vendors will impose extra fees for using their PMS. For this reason, it’s best to choose a company that is fully integrated or bypasses clearinghouses altogether.

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