Heart Of A Blonde Marketing Google AdWords Review – An Evaluation of Sponsored LinX

Google AdWords Review – An Evaluation of Sponsored LinX

Sponsored LinX is an Internet marketing company that claims to have invented the Google AdWords program. It has created a way for internet marketers to advertise for free on popular search engines. Its founder and operator Mark Ling say that this new service offers all the benefits of Google adwords, with none of the drawbacks. I decided to go into Google’s AdWords program to see how Sponsored LinX fares against it. Click on this.

Google AdWords Review – An Evaluation of Sponsored LinX

First, I registered with Sponsored LinX and received my Google AdWords username and password the same day. Second, after paying my first deposit, I noticed that my earnings had tripled to $1000. Third, after setting up an immediate social media account for my fans, my sales increased by almost fifty percent in just two weeks. Fourth, I have been enjoying the benefits of being sponsored by linx and recommending it to my friends. Now, I am able to use my Google AdWords account to promote my products, which gives me more options and more exposure online.

Based on my Google AdWords experience, Sponsored LinX has definitely surpassed the competition by several folds. Compared to Google adwords 2021, it is very user friendly and provides quality scores with every click. Compared to other similar services, it provides quality scores only to those customers who are genuinely interested in what you are offering. The quality scores are given for every keyword selected either by the advertiser or by the visitor.

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