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Breathwork Certification

breathwork certification

Breathwork certification can be a rewarding and satisfying experience for practitioners. The training includes hands-on support, verbal cues, and energetic techniques to facilitate sessions. This program also covers topics that no other breathwork training program touches on, such as anti-racism, intersectionality, spiritual bypass, and ethics of care. Additionally, it covers how to establish a safe and equitable breathwork space and a business model.

The training is offered by Gwen Payne, a certified breathwork facilitator. Gwen has been practicing Holotropic Breathwork since 1991, and has been leading workshops for over twenty years. In addition to breathwork certification, she co-founded a nonprofit in Seattle to help educate people about the benefits of breathing and to make it more accessible. Glenn is also very passionate about creating community and contributes massively to the ALUMNI Students Support Community.

Training is taught online through Zoom. There will be biweekly calls, and the final retreat will be on the west coast. Participants will receive access to all course materials, including a private Facebook group for breathwork facilitators. Deposits for this training are nonrefundable. The program consists of six modules and an optional bonus module on business. Additionally, there is a comprehensive manual that includes a final exam and a support group. The training is not appropriate for people who are in crisis, but it is excellent for those who want to provide a service to others.

Breathwork is a powerful healing modality. As a breathwork facilitator, you are helping relieve suffering and re-ignite the human spirit. It is an honor to witness such sacred terrain and serve in that capacity. This role requires utmost awareness, skillful relating, and a sincere commitment. The course will help you learn how to become an effective breathwork facilitator. So, get ready to be the best breathwork facilitator you can be.

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