Heart Of A Blonde Reviews Bone Conduction Sunglasses – Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Prescription

Bone Conduction Sunglasses – Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Prescription

The bone conduction glasses were invented by a group of researchers led by Zafar Ahmed. These glasses are used to treat high-anxiety disorders such as panic attacks. Basically, these glasses work by making sounds quieter so that people with these disorders can better deal with their problems. However, this invention has a downside – it may not be very good for you. So, what are your options when it comes to bone conduction glasses?

How to Find Bone Conduction Sunglasses

For one, there are Bluetooth sunglasses that use this same bone conduction technology but which are much quieter. Additionally, there are some blueetooth sunglasses which use this bone conduction technology but which are much more efficient than traditional sunglasses, because they use less energy. If you have a pair of blueetooth sunglasses, then the only thing that you will notice is that your audio will be quieter because the battery will be charging less often. However, if you are trying to listen to something with great detail, then you will not notice the difference at all, and it may actually increase your ability to hear. As a matter of fact, many people who have tried bone conduction glasses claim that it has benefited their hearing more than traditional sunglasses.

In order to use the bone conduction glasses, you need to wear your earphones on the inside of your mouth, over your teeth, so that the signal from your audio headphones will go directly into your inner ear, bypassing the outer and middle ears. In fact, if the noise outside is very loud, you may want to consider using a pair of standard sunglasses instead of bone sunglasses to protect your eyes. Once you get used to wearing your bone conduction glasses, you will quickly realize that there is not a lot of difference between them and standard sunglasses. Therefore, this could be the perfect way for you to get a great pair of prescription lenses without spending a lot of money on them.

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