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Day: June 15, 2022

The Importance of a Licensed Arborist When Hiring a Tree ServiceThe Importance of a Licensed Arborist When Hiring a Tree Service

Tree Service Connecticut

A Licensed Arborist is a crucial part of any Local Connecticut Tree Company. This state law requires that all work performed on a tree be done by a licensed arborist. The law was created to ensure safety for both homeowners and professionals in this industry. While this might seem a bit complicated, it will ensure that all workers are supervised. The license is a legal requirement, and a company with a B number will display it prominently on their marketing materials.

Look For These Features

ISA-certified arborists William Pollock and Stephen Banffy work with a team of skilled arborists. The company has a 36-year history of tree care and is incredibly efficient on the ground, in the trees, and in clean-up. With expert rigging practices, precision pruning cuts, and artful cleanup, these certified arborists have helped homeowners across CT make the right decisions when it comes to their trees.

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